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Thread: Does anyone see the hypocrisy

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    Does anyone see the hypocrisy

    This is a clever comedy with a sterling cast. That the theme is people having sex with someone less than half their age doesn't matter because the October side of the relationship is a woman. Right? Were the sexes reversed, this would be a whole different story. But they're not so it's OK. Right?

    Bebe Neuwirth is delightful, Sigourney Weaver is accomplished, John Ritter (dad) is flawless, and Aaron Stanford clearly has a future in film.

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    Agreed, this is a pretty "funny" scenario. Whereas if it had been the other way around, it would be considered, well....illegal. But im not sure this film takes one side or the other. Pretty light treatment of that issue. Also, when you take a look at the relative power of older men and younger girls, the dynamic is completely different than Tadpole and his suitors. I think a movie about a young girl who juggled middle aged men could be really funny if done right...but in the real world its often ugly.


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