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Thread: James Cagney- greatest actor ever?

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    Finally caught on with Billy Wilder's One, Two, Three in which Cagney plays a Coca Cola Co. executive stationed in Berlin just before the Wall went up. Released in 1961. Cagney's comedic talent still in full bloom. Film was mentioned by FilmWolf. I wonder whether Johann and wp have seen it.

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    FYI I have seen One, Two, Three. I enjoyed it, as I do most Billy Wilder movies, but it isn't exactly in my favorites. As for my favorite Cagney performances.
    1. Yankee Doodle Dandy
    2. White Heat
    3. The Public Enemy
    4. Angels With Dirty Faces
    5. A Midsummer Nights Dream (A highly flawed film, but he is the best thing about it)

    also worth a mention is Footlight Parade, one of Warner Bros. better musicals. I am also yet to discover another Cagney-Bogie picture, the three already mentioned seem to be it.

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    Yes, I've seen One, Two, Three- I mentioned it early in this thread. The rapid-fire line delivery is a joy to watch.

    My picks for Cagney's best films are the same as wpqx's.
    White Heat is electrifying. "Top of the World, Ma!!"
    "Set the controls for the heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd

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