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    VIVA LAS VEGAS (1964)

    Probably the most dynamic of all the Elvis Presley pictures, with the thinnest of plots.
    The King plays "Lucky Jackson", a race car enthusiast who goes to Vegas for a race with a car with no engine.
    He earns money waiting tables to buy an engine.
    Enter Ann-Margret, sex kitten. She matches Elvis in sex appeal and it was cool to see them together.
    They sing, dance, water-ski, fly a helicopter and have a wild romance. (In real-life too!)
    Ultimately Lucky gets his number 7 sweet race car into the race, and Wins all, including the girl.
    George Sidney directs.
    Somewhat cheesy and cornball, overall this flick is highly entertaining. The songs are catchy, the film is light and fun.
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