Opulent MGM movie, the first "All-Star" film for the studio.
You might want to sip some cognac while watching this classic, while checking into Berlin's "Grand Hotel".

The story weaves the stories of the hotel guests into an interesting and satisfying whole.
John Barrymore (as a debonair tragic thief Baron von Geigern), Greta Garbo (as an over-the-top dancer Grusinskaya), Lionel Barrymore (as an unforgettable bookeeper/dying man Kringelein), Wallace Beery
(as a gruff and overbearing Mr.Preysing), Joan Crawford (as a cutie that shines Flaemmchen), and Lewis Stone (as a drunk pessimistic doctor).

Johann Strauss' "The Blue Danube" can be heard onscreen for the first time here, some 36 years before Kubrick's 2001!
I enjoyed this movie- it moves at a stately pace, slowly revealing it's charms/twists.
Garbo is gorgeous, and so is Joan Crawford.
Worth seeing.